Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When times gets rough, the poets get blogging

It's July 2013, a good time to get back to blogging.

I have to get back to writing in my blog because that's what a poet does, they fucking write in their blogs. They can't just go on walks, smell flowers, write about crushes in their diary, survive oppressive struggles. They must also follow the prompts from their hearts, "Please dear one, spend a few intimate hours with your own words before you stare at facebook."

When the vaka came to Treasure Island, and she stood on the beach with other Pacific Islanders, when she saw the vessels that were once trees, designed in the old ways, crewed with men and women from the islands, come right up to her green Adidas w/ the orange stripes, shy, nervous, she has never been the same.

The vaka came from the Pacific in August 2011. I had to take a break from law school applications. I fell in love with a navigator on the Cook Islands vaka. He said, "I voyaged 10,000 nautical miles to meet you." I have flown to San Diego 5 times, flown to the Solomon Islands and Atiu, his home country, to meet him and this August, in 4 weeks, my son and I will be going to Atiu to live with him for a year.

Although I am still thinking of reapplying to law school, I applied in 2010 and was rejected from all schools I applied to,  I don't want this blog to be preoccupied about going to law school. I do not think about law school everyday anymore. I've moved on. I should change the name of this blog.

I have many stories to tell and my body and my spirit has guided me here to tell them. So here I am again to tell more stories.    

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